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Diana wearing the STRING ALONG set in CAMEL, shot by victorhernandezm

Name: Diana Flores ( Flores = Flowers in English, that's why I use Diana Flowers) @miss_dianaflowers
Star sign: Scorpio
Hometown: Montreal, Canada

What do I do for fun:

Because I live in the city, we are not blessed with natural beaches. However, in Canada, we are fortunate to be surrounded by incredible natural scenery. I usually take the time to go hiking in nature; I love it when you can hear the wind blowing on the leaves of the trees and also the powerful sound of pounding water whether it's waves or waterfalls. Finding myself connected to nature and wilderness is what I love to do. It's amazing when you're able to find tranquillity within yourself.

Whats your best travel tip:

When travelling abroad, it's always important to ensure you have an extra amount of money aside for the unexpected. It will help alleviate stress and anxiety if freak outs happen. Don't let anything ruin your trip and memories!

What is something that would surprise us about you:

Most people are surprised when they ask me what I do in life because I show very little of this part of me. It's very important for me to keep myself busy. I have an interest in many subjects in life and love to get involved in everything. I'm currently a part-time model and I'm also in charge of social network for a clothing company, but what most of the people don't know is that I'm currently studying to be a nurse.

Diana wearing the BYRON ONE PIECE in CAMO, shot by victorhernandezm

As a little girl, what did you always dream of being when you grew up? Has that changed now and do you think you inner child would be proud of the woman you are today? :

When I was young, I dreamed of becoming a veterinarian as I loved being surrounded by animals. Shortly after I started having an interest in fashion and wanted to become a designer. I would spend hours in the bathroom making clothes for my Barbies with toilet paper. My mother wasn’t very happy with my new found hobby since I would waste so much paper, so she decided to teach me how to sew instead hahaha. Now that I’ve grown my interests have remained quite similar. I may not be a designer, but I work in the fashion field, I may not be a veterinarian, but I will be a nurse. I’m actually very happy with the woman that I’ve become, and there’s nothing more satisfying than doing what you love to do.

You seem to be quite into photography, especially film. Who is your favourite photographer:

The reason I’m so into photography it’s because of my boyfriend, he’s actually a very talented photographer. He’s the reason I have found this new passion in photography. I find it’s important to co-memorize the memories and a camera allows us to do so. I’ve always had a taste for the vintage look however sometimes developing film is not always the quickest solution available, so my boyfriend works really hard to edit my pictures to give that effect that I love so much. On the other hand, we always have our film camera not too far to capture the moment. I love the unexpected colours palette, the grain and all of this gives personality and delicate nuance to the finished result. At this moment, I’m really into Brydie Mack’s work, however, without being cheesy, I find that my boyfriend’s work is pretty impressive. He’s always manages to get exactly what I want in a picture! Take a look for yourself: @victorhernandezm




What advice would you give to the 18-year-old?
Failure was my biggest fear in life. Only to later realize that there’s something much far worse than failing: Not trying at all. Don’t’ be afraid. If something troubles you then, by all means, get up and do something about it. To worry alone will never solve anything. Time is precious so I make sure I use it wisely so when a problem comes I make sure I don’t waste my time in worrying about it but it solving it. The advice I would give my 18-year-old self
is "do your best in everything you do and you will be fine."

Cantik means beautiful, and we want to know what is beautiful to you:
Beauty can mean a lot of things and used in many forms. For example, physical beauty to me can be different for you. However physical beauty has actually no value to me because it’s ephemeral. What beauty truly is for me is authenticity, originality and anything that is out of the ordinary. Beauty is someone who will respect themselves and stay true to who they are. 




Be sure to follow Diana: @miss_dianaflowers
And her wonderfully talented photographer & boyfriend Victor: @victorhernandezm








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