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Coachella outfit inspo x cantik swimwear


If you are lucky enough to be attending Coachella this year you might be looking for some last minute outfit inspiration and some festival survival hacks.

You are about to embark on three full on days of music & partying, you want to be standing strong to see Kendrick Lamar’s headlining set on the Sunday night. 

While Coachella is a melting pot for celebrities, models & “social influencers” to reveal their latest catwalk-come-festival outfits, you don’t want to be uncomfortable and weighed down by your elaborate outfit. Leave all the bells, whistles and headgear at home (this isn’t Burning Man). Keep functionality and comfort in mind so you can get the most out of your experience. 

A one-piece swimsuit paired with vintage denim Levis is an easy outfit, having pockets relieves you of the burden of lugging around a bag. It will be hot during the day but bare in mind you are in the desert. Temperatures will plummet at night, so tie a jacket around your waist for warmth later on. You can also experiment with layering a bikini top with a sheer oversized T-shirt or chambray button up. 
Wear comfortable, sturdy shoes like well-worn Doc Martens or Converse, anything that will allow you to run around for hours.

Looks we love.


Cantik Swimwear x Coachella Cantik Swimwear x Coachella

Get these looks with pieces from our 2017 Artillery collection.

Truant top, available in 5 colours: 


Delusions one piece, available in 6 colours:

Byron one piece, available in 6 colours. 

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It's an obvious hack, but remember to keep hydrated. Dancing, alcohol and sun is a recipe for heat stroke so drink plenty of water; purchase the $10 bottle at the beginning of the weekend to take advantage of the free water refilling stations.

A foundation make-up with high SPF will prevent burning and keep you looking fresher faced for longer. We love Ella Bache Sunguard 40 Foundation for the best coverage and colour. A hat is the best accessory and will keep your face shaded from the harsh sun. Lack of Color makes amazing 100% Australian wool or leather wide-brims or grab a dad cap from your local thrift store for a couple of dollars.

Print the map and set times to save using your phone all the time. Or better still, leave your phone in your locker or tent and only use it if you happen to get separated from your friends. You'll have a much better weekend if you are fully in the moment rather than live streaming every second of the festival on your Snapchat & Instagram stories.

If you are camping wake up early to beat the shower queues, you can always go back to bed afterwards or, go 'full-festi' and bathe with baby wipes. Fuel up for the day by eating a substantial breakfast with plenty of protein such as oats and fruit or an omelette with avocado and sourdough. 

Finally, when it comes to detoxing after the massive weekend you've had have a course of activated charcoal in some coconut water, it removes chemicals and toxins from your system. Be sure to follow the instructions outlined on the bottle and don't take within two hours of any medication. You can find activated charcoal at your local health food store. 


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