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You would have likely seen swimwear model Eva Czarnocka's abs in your Instagram feed. Eva travels the world shooting for nearly every swimwear brand you could think of. We chatted to Eva to find out about the Eva we don't get to know from her Instagram feed...

Tell us a little about your life prior to this (travelling/modelling) and how you got to this stage?

There is one thing you have to know about me to understand my life. I would never do anything that is not enjoyable for me. It is impossible to push myself to actions I don't feel like doing or people who I find not appropriate for me. I just have this complicated type of personality. I was studying Arts and New Media in Warsaw (Poland). After finishing my BA as a graphic designer I still couldn’t stand so many hours spent in front of my laptop. I decided to change my interests and I did a master degree from psychology and management. Honestly, all my studies I was focused more on my real passions rather than projects, even though I was studying pretty hard. I remember being always in a rush for my Astanga Yoga classes after long days of lectures at my University. I was also travelling to South East Asia every possible school break. Instead of focusing on my future career I was exploring every corner of Borneo or Papua searching for indigenous people or birds of paradise. I was different, I was unsatisfied. People were staring at me like somebody different so I was like: why do I have to be normal when they don’t see me as a normal. After travelling half of the world, I finally finished my studies and decided to leave Poland to start a new chapter in Sydney. I think you guys were the first bikini brand who shared my picture. Remember this classy one piece shoot on the Maldives? Now I organise and model for 3-5 full day photo shoots a week and I try to expand as much as I can. How did I get to this stage? A lot of risk, sacrifice and hard work.

Eva wears the Truant top & Havoc bottoms in Bordeaux 

What advice can you give to others who are constantly comparing themselves to Instagram models/influencers such as yourself? Do you ever have down days, bad skin, insecurities?

Never compare yourself to anyone else. It’s always my number one advice for myself and for others. Let people you admire be your pure inspiration without judgment or jealousy. Do I ever have down days? I feel like I am the only one who have them and people around always seems so carefree and happy. I am trying to fight with myself all the time but it is extremely hard to be the best version of yourself when you are travelling and change the places you stay at least once a week. I am a totally normal girl with many ups and downs, still with a lot of bringing me down insecurities so I think they are not worth it. Remember, social media shows 1% of people’s life, especially my Instagram and Website is about shoots I do not show my private life. I want to show my aesthetic and vision, not myself!

Eva here wears the String Along set in Camo print 

You have an incredibly toned figure. What’s your secret?

There are so many aspects that affect the way you look and feel. I used to have a more stationary lifestyle in Warsaw or Bali where I was living and I was extremely disciplined. Now, my philosophy changed and I am focused more on the way I feel and actions I take rather than the way I look. My body is built on Astanga Yoga practice. I was doing it every day for 3 years. Now I do more gym to build the muscles I missed in yoga practice, and to maintain my strength without being over muscular. My secret is to sweat as much as possible, even when not just from working out, sauna and steams are always the solution. A lot of sweat, pain and virgin coconut oil.

What is your #1 health tip for your physical fitness and # 1 for your spiritual/emotional fitness?

I have the only one tip for both at one time: Astanga Yoga, try it!

Eva in the Maldives wearing the Delusions one piece in Slate 

Travelling so much are you able to keep any routine or rituals? Is there something you do every single day?

I thought I am strong enough to keep them but after travelling non-stop last 6 months (Maldives/Sydney/Hawaii/Mexico/Los Angeles/Miami/Turks and Caicos) I will tell you: it's totally impossible! Trust me usually my discipline is pretty intense. Even I have access to many gyms around the USA now, it is not the same feeling, it is just maintaining the thing I did in my past. I feel like I need to move to one place for 2 months to rebuild myself again. I feel a bit lost inside and outside now but I simply try to enjoy my travels as much as I can. I do gym from 3 to 6 times a week now, it keeps me alive. When I feel bad, I do Astanga.

What do you normally eat for breakfast? Is it hard to stay healthy when you are travelling so much and do you have any tips? (For instance, I recently stayed in a hotel and treated myself to an over-indulgence of going back to the breakfast buffet three times…)

Usually, I don’t eat breakfast because I am not hungry in the morning. I do triple shot coffee. I do my photo shoots or workout, then my lunch is more breakfast. My tip is simple: moderation is a key. There are no foods I am trying to avoid any more. Listen to your body deeply and never make yourself too full.

Back detailing of the Delusions one piece 

So far where has been your favourite travel destination and why?

I was living between Bali, Australia, Maldives and many other tropical places over last 2 year but after visiting Hawaii I am sure they are my favourite place so far. The people are full of positive energy and sun, the food is amazing and healthy (best sushi, poke, Acai bowls ever). They have amazing workout places (many yoga and Pilates studios). Hawaii is so multicultural. I love Asia and USA so a mix between Japanese, Chinese and American culture it is something for me. My travel goal for the next couple of months is Tahiti and Samoa for sure!

Best travel tip?

Always stick to local places and visit the places you can not google too much. For example, I recently visited Tulum and it seemed so artificial to me. If you are looking for something real visit the places like Raja Ampat or Sumatra (Indonesia) sleep amongst the local people, eat their food. It's way cheaper and you will remember it forever.


What is something that would surprise us about you?

I think everything! Let's start with the fact I am 28 years old...

What advice would you give to the 18-year-old Eva?

Don't study! Start what you do earlier. I really wish this all started when I was 18 years old.

What do you hope to achieve in the next 5 years?

I want to be the best version of myself. Whatever I will do I want to love what I do and be passionate about that. I don’t count my achievements… I just want to do the best I can whatever I am doing. I want to grow into bigger agency shooting with other models; I want to share more fitness, wellness and travel instead of bikinis. More real Eva, fewer bikinis I promise! I am sure I want to focus more on fitness, which was always the most important part of my life.

PS: This is one of the first photos we re-posted of Eva a few years back! Shot at one of our all time favourite bars in Bali, Old Mans Canggu. 

Cantik means beautiful and we want to know what is beautiful to you?

For me, beautiful is being real. I hate artificial people, emotion and places. I would never do a plastic surgery or date a guy just because he is good looking. I think it’s getting harder and harder in the world full of electronic devices to find a people who are not afraid of being real.

To read more about Eva's travels as well as her fitness & wellness tips

Visit Eva's website  

Cantik Swimwear Byron one piece full piece

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