Monique Bowie & The Cantik Coalition

Name: Monique Bowie
Age: 25
Hometown: Cronulla "The Shire"
Mon wears the Astrology Top & Leo Bottoms in Earth 

What do you do for a career?
Naturopathy Student currently and working part-time at a Sports Medical Centre
Do you have any daily rituals or routines? 
My morning smoothie and workout
Describe your perfect day: 
Waking up early and jumping in the ocean 
Breakfast with my close friends and a day at the beach... a workout somewhere in between
Mon wears the Phoenix bottoms in Ruby

What is the most important thing you can do for your health?
Eat lots of greens and vegetables! As well as lots of water and take your probiotic daily!
What is something you do to nurture yourself? 
Eating healthy, massages and facials

What advice would you give to the 18-year-old Mon?’
Things happen for a reason and to not stress about things that are out of your control
What has been one of your hardest moments or challenges?
My hardest moment was when my mum passed away 3 years ago. She was the most amazing mother to me and my sisters. She was my inspiration and always gave me advice. Overcoming her death was and is a challenge.
What advice can you give to young girls who are constantly/comparing themselves to Instagram models/'influencers'? 
Ahh it's ridiculous to think young girls compare themselves but I find myself doing it too then I shake myself out of it. It's not healthy and not realistic. Everyone uses filters etc to make themselves look better on social media. We should spend more time trying to be better people. We need to be happy in our own skin and know that beauty comes from within. Also, don't take yourself too seriously! 
Mon wears our signature Byron in ribbed white 
How do you get motivated if you’re ever a bit down/tired?
Listen to my favourite upbeat song and go for a run! 

What book do you think every woman should read? 
Anything. Just read. I just finished reading The Alchemist - great book! 

Who do you look up to as a mentor?
I don't have a specific mentor... I admire anyone who has an interesting story to tell. My boss, my friends, random people I meet who give me advice are my mentors
Finally, Cantik means “beautiful”, what is beautiful to you? 
Someone who smiles and someone who is humble is beautiful to me
Mon wears the Astrology Top & Leo Bottoms in Earth 
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