Amber Gywnn x Cantik Coalition

Name: Amber Gwynn
Hometown: Geelong, Australia 

curve model wearing byron one piece swimsuit in bordeaux posing in pool villa

Amber wears the BYRON ONE PIECE in BORDEAUX 
Made from 100% recycled materials 

C: As a little girl, what did you always dream of being when you grew up? 
A: I never really knew what job I wanted, but always knew it would be something unique. 

C: Has that changed now and do you think you inner child would be proud of the woman you are today? 
A: My life experiences have evolved me into who I am today, both negative and positive experiences have allowed me to grow and become the woman I am today, which I am proud of.

C: What do you do for a living?
A: I am a registered nurse and support those living with severe brain and spinal cord injuries. I am also a self-love and body image advocate through my work as a curve model and talent scout for BELLA management as well as being the founder of the Non Airbrushed Me movement.  I also have a curve fashion line "Nyata" which like Cantik is made in Bali.

C: What advice would you give to 18-year-old Amber?
A: Always know however hard something maybe that you are going through, that you will be ok, and it is a lesson, an opportunity for growth. 

C: What has been one of your hardest moments or challenges? And what is something you do to nurture yourself during trying times? 
A: Supporting those close to me who are unwell or going through hard times which I have faced a lot in my life. I always want to fix things and care for others, and when I don't have control of that I find it really challenging. 
I always remember to make sure whatever challenge I am going through in life, that I nurture my own well-being through ensuring I am eating well, exercise, good sleep hygiene, surrounding myself with positive energy and good people/animals. 

curve model wearing army green one piece on villa balcony

Amber wears the ARMY colourway above 

C: Do you have any daily rituals or routines? 
A: I have many things I do on the daily which help me live my best life.
Though my main key is the love I share with my dogs.
I start the day giving them cuddles and affection, and end each day the same way.
The love they give back has a profound influence on my soul and positive wellbeing.
Oh and telling people who I love that I love them each day. 

C: What advice can you give to young girls who may find themselves comparing their lives/bodies etc to others’? 
A: Comparison is the thief of joy [Theodore Roosevelt] To truly identify with who you are, you can only find this within yourself, not through others. 
We are all on this Earth to offer something unique and individual, the world would be boring if we were all the same, so be proud to be bold and different, be proud to be you, and be proud to offer this universe something irreplaceable. 

C: What book do you think every woman should read? 
A: Embrace, by Tarryn Brumfitt.

C: What's the best life advice you’ve received?  
A: Trust your gut, it will always guide you in the right direction.

C: What's the best business advice you’ve received?
A: Fake it til you make it.

curve model on beach in bali wearing byron one piece

C: Who do you look up to as a mentor?
A: Chelsea Bonner, director of BELLA Management 

C: Finally, Cantik means “beautiful”, what does beautiful mean to you?
A: Beautiful means having a beautiful heart, mind and soul. If you feel beauty within you, it will radiate to others. 


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