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Kiah wears the STRING ALONG set in BORDEAUX 
Name: Kiah Butschi
Age: 25
Hometown: Ulladulla

You are always travelling, how do you manage that and what's your best travel tip?
Be open minded. Be clear in your mind, and set your intentions... Save up some cash, buy a ticket and get some miles under your feet, let your perspective and ideas change from meeting people and experiencing different cultures, feel uncomfortable and lost, it'll get you to great places. always travel with a sarong or throw, it's a life saver - from experience; a pillow, blanket, skirt, head wrap, towel, shopping bag, top, dress, cover your face when you're on a local bus and don't want people staring at you catching some heavy zzz’s, just to name a few.
A reusable bag for groceries, shopping, etc., and a big water bottle to keep refilling your water, staying hydrated is key. And if you love coffee or tea, a Keepcup, I love my glass cup so much and coffee tastes so much better knowing I'm not adding to the growing mass of plastic that is taking over our world way too fast. Don't add plastic to this world, keep it clean ❤

What has been one of your hardest moments or challenges?
We often forget how damn lucky we are. Of course, it's never our intention, but it happens and when we realise how fortuitous we are this world just becomes so much more beautiful. I feel so blessed to be able to jump on a plane, boat or train and go to another country. What does break me is seeing the hardship others endure to maintain a living for themselves, to support their family and really doing anything to make an ends meet, what makes me smile and appreciate life is seeing their smile, the gratefulness for living every day, for breathing, a beating heart and the chance to make their day count. I like to give people my time; you never know their situation. Take the time to sit down, to listen and to share. after all, giving is a gift in itself for our own personal growth. It broke me seeing a beautiful young boy in Mexico on the streets asking for money at the traffic lights, we gave him a few coins, and he had a tear in his eye and thanked God for the blessing, life is tough for everyone in some way but seeing a young boy, by himself on the streets... they don't have a choice, they are born into it.. help others whenever you can, you never know when you need the favour returned.
Kiah wears The DELUSIONS one piece in SLATE 
What is something you do to nurture yourself?
I like to start my day the right way, it sets me up and creates a positive mindset, this pretty much means making time for movement, I love moving my body and awakening it from in the inside out, especially with a few good friends and/or my dog, it makes me feel happy. whether it be Pilates,
, skipping, walking, Yoga, ecstatic dance with a few friends or HIIT class... I also love reading, I like to nourish my brain and heart with new knowledge, especially things I can share with other people, I feel like there's so much good shit out there that it'd be greedy to keep it to ourselves, share it. And of course good tunes, daily.
What advice would you give to the 18-year-old Kiah?’
never doubt, you're on the right path. Don't compare yourself to others, you're only damaging yourself. You've got the power to do the things you want to do. Stay honest with yourself! I've always been a free-spirited person that does what I want to do, I don't mind too much what people think... but I’d tell myself time and time again, every day “don't be so damn hard on yourself, your doing amazing and you will keep doing really
things, the things you love to do will come to you and you will be okay” more than not, I’d doubt myself and what direction I was heading in, where I wanted to be, who I wanted to be.... its a forever changing and on-going process but just trust in your path and you will walk in happiness and light, and if you do happen to walk through darkness (we all do) you always, always have your home team, the ones that will be there to give you a helping hand with anything you need the ones you trust with all your heart the ones that truly love you. You've got this!
How do you get motivated if you’re ever a bit down/tired?
I try to exercise my body in one way or another, it doesn't have to be strenuous every day. I love taking my dog for a walk, seeing her excited and happy gives me a little spring in my step and always makes me appreciate where I am in that moment with her, it also gives my head new space and openness for new ideas, places to see, etc. music, music, music! Sitting in the sun with a hot cup of tea or coffee with my Rabbit (Taco) and a good book is pretty up there too, chill time is important.
What book do you think every woman should read?
The 4 agreements, it's life changing, I promise.
Cantik Swimwear Phoenix bralette top
       Kiah wears the Phoenix top, available in 6 colours 
Finally, Cantik means “beautiful”, what is beautiful to you?
Kind and courageous souls, fearless hearts, passions and undeniable smiles. That passion that sets your heart on fire and spreads like wildfire. The peacemakers, the adventurers, and the nurturers of our earth - if you have the intention of something good and making the change, people see it, and they love you for it no matter what scale, small or large, people see that, and I, personally appreciate the absolute shit out of you forever caring and wanting to make a small change in your own life and impacting the life of others for the goodness of this breathing universe we call home. I think ageing is so graceful, it is beautiful the way people grow and change, the lines and wrinkles on your face tell a story and your hands show the hardship in your life, its magic. Each person is so different and interesting, I love sitting back and listening to each life story, seeing expressions in people's faces, how people describe things and smile or frown or laugh whilst their telling you... everyone you meet has something to teach you it gets me every time. And most of all, sharing, anything and everything “I water you, you water me, we grow together”.
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