Why We Need Mentors - The Cantik Coalition

"It takes a whole village to raise a child" - Nigerian proverb.

We are not supposed to go it alone.

Stemming back thousands of years ago to when we were hunter-gatherers who lived in tribes, we developed our beliefs & behaviours based on the guidance of others who belonged to the clan. Evolutionary psychologists attribute our inherent need to belong and the crushing de-stability we feel when rejected to our primal needs. Being ostracised from our tribe was a death sentence.

Globalisation and technology bring strangers into our lives; we take them to bed with us, trapped in pixel form beneath a glass screen that abuses our pineal glands and robs us of our natural sleep cycles. We unconsciously, like robots consume more content in a year than our grandparents perhaps their whole lives. Unknowingly we build our tribe of influencers, soaking up their carefully edited social concoctions yet we won't stop and say hi to our neighbours. We suffer through emotional tumult in the deepest solitude because it is not the norm to turn to our community for support.

In school, we are taught P.E, algebra, about the structure of atoms & molecules, but we are not taught spiritual calcination (picture the phoenix who burns and then rises from its own ashes).
We graduate University with Masters and Doctorates, wearing the cleanest of clothes (because we are taught how to launder) but we don't know how to purge toxicity from our minds, filth from our lives.

A 2014 Ted Talk "why we all need to practise emotional first aid" by Psychologist & Author, Guy Winch explores the notion of how from a very young age we are taught to look after our physical health but not that of our psychological.

So we must go out and find our gurus.
Who are we looking to as a source of inspiration and guidance for our spiritual, emotional and even physical development?

The late Jim Rhon, American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker famously said. '“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”
And while we should not define ourselves by external factors like those of relationships,
we should look around and see if our truths are reflected in those closest to us.

You must look to those in your community and far beyond whose ethics speak to you. Fill your shelves with books, your playlists with podcasts, your social media feeds with inspiring accounts and influencers who will uplift you. No matter what your beliefs or interests, find mentors in those fields. Look to those who have paved the paths before you, even if those paths have since been demolished.

Our minds, bodies and souls are like sponges, we (especially those more energy sensitive) absorb those who are around us.

Welcome, The Cantik Coalition:
A group of people who are both inspiring and inspired. Who don't claim to know it all, but have the courage and tenacity to be open and truthful.

Watch this space...

In the meantime, below are some incredibly beautiful mentors of our own:

Louise Hay
Marianne Williamson
Don Miguel Ruiz
Tony Robbins
Russell Brand
Sir Richard Branson
Diane Von Furstenberg 

And a couple of Aussie girls:
Teresa Palmer
Teresa Palmer
Love & light x

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