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Ali Barter x Electric Lady

WHAT MAKES YOU WANT TO GIVE UP? HOW DO YOU BOUNCE BACK?"My head makes me want to give up. I just have to learn to ignore it. It’s crazy the amount of horrible things that we say to ourselves in a day. If I listened to it, I’d never get out of bed in the morning. Sometimes I have to trust that my friends believe in me or my mum or whoever. I am not the best judge of myself. In fact, sometimes I’m the worst!"

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Cantik Swimwear x Mahli Beach Pillows

Cantik Swimwear x Mahli Beach Pillows Boho Luxe Shoot                              Mahli has just released a beautiful new range of beach pillows which we just love! They are designed not only for durability but for comfort and aesthetics. They're essentially a pretty little water resistant pillow case, you fill it with sand and there you have it - tanning time! You then simply pour out the sand and roll it up to fit in your bag.                                    Maddi & Tay wear the Delusions one piece, slate & Truant top, Havoc bottoms in...

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