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Ali Barter x Electric Lady

WHAT MAKES YOU WANT TO GIVE UP? HOW DO YOU BOUNCE BACK?"My head makes me want to give up. I just have to learn to ignore it. It’s crazy the amount of horrible things that we say to ourselves in a day. If I listened to it, I’d never get out of bed in the morning. Sometimes I have to trust that my friends believe in me or my mum or whoever. I am not the best judge of myself. In fact, sometimes I’m the worst!"

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Cantik Swimwear x Mahli Beach Pillows

Cantik Swimwear x Mahli Beach Pillows Boho Luxe Shoot                              Mahli has just released a beautiful new range of beach pillows which we just love! They are designed not only for durability but for comfort and aesthetics. They're essentially a pretty little water resistant pillow case, you fill it with sand and there you have it - tanning time! You then simply pour out the sand and roll it up to fit in your bag.                                    Maddi & Tay wear the Delusions one piece, slate & Truant top, Havoc bottoms in...

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Swimwear Made From Fishing Nets

SUSTAINABILITY IS NOT A GOAL. IT’S A WAY OF THINKING, A WAY OF BEING, A PRINCIPLE WE ARE GUIDED BY.” – GIULIO BONAZZI, CHAIRMAN OF AQUAFIL GROUP This collection we have strived for sustainability in our product range. ECONYL have enabled us to do so by providing fabrics that are regenerated from nylon contained in waste such as carpets, clothing and fishing nets, and then transformed back into raw material without any loss of quality. ECONYL's mission is to reduce waste and pollution whilst manufacturing products that are not only entirely made of regenerated material but are fully and endlessly regenerable. Their forward thinking concepts highlight the possibilities of green living. THE PROBLEM Between 2010 and 2020, fibre consumption will grow...

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